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26 cantons – Discovering Valais’ natural wonders

Photo d'une jeune femme marchant le long du Bisse de Tsa-Crêta
Nature lovers you will dig this article! With (officially…) one month to go until end of summer, here is an idea for an outdoor activity in Switzerland : a trail to discover the traditional « Bisses » of the canton Valais.

What are « Bisses » will you ask me? « Bisses » are the historic irrigation channels of the Valais. They are open ditches delivering water from mountain streams to arid pastures and fields, vineyards and orchards.

Bisse de Tsa-Crêta coulant dans la forêt

A few weeks ago, we explored yet another Swiss canton, the canton Valais, more precisely one of its many historical « Bisses », the Bisse of « Tsa-Crêta » above the village of Mase and only a few minutes drive from Sion (the canton’s capital city).

Plan rapproché du Bisse de Tsa-Crêta

The Bisse of « Tsa-Crêta » was built in the 14th century by local farmers. The weather in Valais being very sunny and hot during summer months, it allowed them to water their agricultural fields. Nowadays this bisse is still in use and can be explored thanks to the hiking trails running alongside the waterway.

The Bisse of « Tsa-Crêta » is one of the easiest trail to start with. Therefore if you are not the sporty type, no worries you will equally enjoy the stunning mountain landscape this trail wanders through : lush forest, deep green pastures and even some enigmatic wood sculptures…

Following our exploration of this man-made wonder, we continued our journey across the «Valais central» (region going from Sion to roughly Sierre), into the Val d’Hérens, one of Valais’ most stunning valley! Two natural wonders awaited: the hot sulfur spring of Combioula and the breathtaking rocky pyramids of Euseigne. Are these pyramids not impressive?! And they are not man-made!! They are the result of the nearby glaciers’ erosion over the centuries.

So if you love nature, outdoor activities and off the beaten hiking trails, plan a day trip to the Val d’Hérens and the Bisse of « Tsa-Crêta »!

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