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3 reasons to explore a more secret Milano

 Photo of the duomo/cathedral of Milano

New month, new destination! The first two months of the year having been quite hectic. I didn’t really have the time to travel much in my favourite destination: SWITZERLAND. This post is therefore about a short trip I did last year in Milano (Italy), which totally changed my opinion about this city…

Everybody knows Milano, one of the world’s fashion capitals, but there is a more secret side to Italy’s biggest city which made me (guess what now you know me…) fall in love with it!

To discover the more confidential side of Milano you have to go out of beaten tracks, where tourist usually don’t wander. Even more if you travel there just for a weekend or a couple of days…

Heidigoestravelling picture of piazza in Milano

Secret piazza somewhere in Milano…

So, last year I spent a couple of days in Milano wanting to get a fresh and positive opinion about this city, in addition of course to my love of travelling and experiencing new places. After arriving at “Milano Centrale” by train from Lausanne (three hour train ride), we boarded the “Milano metropolitana” (Milano’s tube) heading to the “Navigli” neighbourhood where our hotel was. Stepping outside the metropolitana, welcome first surprise! The Navigli are a little gem southwest of the city, where you have the impression to be somewhere in southern Italy rather than the country’s industrial capital. Pure Italian dolce vita!

 Picture of the Naviglio Grande in Milano

Addicted to boho/artsy atmosphere, quirky deco shops and original fashion boutiques? Then the Navigli is your hood! Some of you will say this borough is mentioned in every touristic guide about Milano. You would be right. But this is when referring to the “Naviglio Grande” or the “Naviglio Pavese”. There is a whole lot more to explore…

The Navigli, once the most important transport route through the city are now home to many up-and-coming restaurants, small art galleries and fashion boutiques. I for example found every ballerina’s addict dream store

Strolling through the area you’ll also be able to admire its typical architectural style. Up until the late 20th century its main population was blue-collars, for whom large communal building, palazzi, where built. These palazzi are usually three to four terracotta-coloured storey buildings, with several small flats on each storey.  And always surrounding a usually leafy court yard, all like in an old cinecittà movie…

And let’s talk about our hotel?! “Maison Borella”, one of the most stylish boutique hotels I have ever stayed in! Every object seems straight out of an “ELLE DECO” magazine. If you are a #decoaddict like me you will completely fall for this place and never want to leave it.

As said, with this trip to Milano I wanted to discover less touristy parts of the city and apart from the Navigli, I came across another well-kept secret: “Villa Necchi”. This house is a gorgeous example of the way-of-living of Milanese bourgeoisie/upper-middle class during the 1920s-1930s, and which got featured in the film “Amore” in 2010. Perfect symbol of Italian rationalist architecture. It’s nestled in a very chic borough, at the heart of a lush garden and beside a magnificent swimming pool. Totally fell in love with this villa, except for the fact it has also been Mussolini’s regime HQ in the 1930s… 🙁

This trip to Milano was really worth it! It totally got a crush for this city, would even consider living there now!! I can only recommend go and spend a few days in Milano! On my next trip, I am planning to explore “Porta Garibaldi” neighbourhood. It’s supposed to be the new upcoming hood… Can’t wait?!

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