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3 unknown stunning places to discover in Greece this summer

Young blond woman dancing on a pier in front of a blue sea and some fishing boats
Good news, in a few days we will be able to travel again almost everywhere in Europe! Hence, I thought I’d help you plan your next summer trip and share with you 3 unknown stunning places to discover in Greece.

As you know – if you’re a faithful reader – my favourite type of holidays is the off-the-beaten-path holidays, away from big tourist flocks. In one of my previous post I already told you about one of those secret holiday spots: the island of Aegina.

While my first post was rather an overall description of Aegina, in this new post I want to share 3 even less touristic places to discover on this island: the quaint fishing villages of Souvala, Portes and Perdika.


  1. The village of Souvala

Picture of 2 small blue and white boats mooring in a small harbour
The small fishing town of Souvala is on the north side of Aegina, facing the Saronic Gulf and Athens. It’s the island’s second largest town, after the “capital city”. But, contrarly to the capital, it’s more laidback and tranquil. It’s also more rugged as there are none but one fancy bar (which I still want to try).

Smiling young blond woman sitting on white painted steps next to a sky blue door

I’d recommend planning your visit around late afternoon so you can enjoy the magical sunset light. Take a stroll along the seaside promenade facing one of the piers where ferries from Athens dock. Sit down at one of the tavernas, order a Mythos or an Ouzo and wait for the sun to disappear behind the horizon.

Picture of 1 small blue and white boat docked on a narrow pier in a small harbour


  1. The village of Portes

Picture of a lush green forest and a sandy beach bordering turquoise coloured water

Portes is a secluded, tiny fishing village on the eastern coast of Aegina. If you don’t pay attention to the road signs, it’s very easy to miss. However, if you don’t miss it, you’ll be welcomed by your traditional Greek fishing village: small modest houses, bordering a pretty sandy beach and turquoise coloured water, surrounded by a lush green pine forest.

Picture of a lush green forest and a sandy beach bordering turquoise coloured water

Picture of an outdoor taverna with 2 tables, several chairs and a big yellow fireplace

There is blissfully nothing to do in Portes. There are zero hotels, giving you the feeling of being tucked away from life’s hustle and bustle. The only distractions are some typical tavernas, where you can get your fix of yummy food. I’d recommend checking out Evvagelia’s tavern. It’s the yellow and blue outdoor restaurant, right at the entrance of Portes Main (and only) Street.

Picture of a small white windmill in the middle of small green bushes and facing a deep blue sea


  1. The village of Perdika

Perdika is one of my favourite places in Aegina.

Picture of a narrow village streetThe village is on the south coast of the island and therefore less subject to wind than Portes or Souvala. It’s also one of the island’s most picturesque spots, as it features all the characteristics of the Aegean village: white-washed square houses, narrow streets, lots of hot pink bougainvillea and of course, the small town church. Besides, the village is also one of the best spots for some epic sunset viewing!

Picture of a pier facing the sea and a small island and a row of white houses and terraces on its rightThe village of Perdika is very lively, full of cute tavernas, overlooking a small harbour. I’d recommend checking out Saronis. The owner Dimitris is super friendly and will always make sure you’ve the best time.

Picture of a small white table and two blue chairs on a white painted terrace facing a small harbour and the sea

Moreover, it’s also from Perdika’s harbour that you can board the boat to Moni island.

Smiling young blond woman walking down a narrow white painted village street, with above her a hot pink bougainvillea

So, what did you thing of these 3 unknown stunning places to discover in Greece this summer? I would love to hear your opinion! Please leave a comment below.


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