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In the company of designers: Sophia Scavone – La Décoratrice & Co

Young woman sitting inside a wooden-built white interior on a wood trunk

I’m beyond excited to be writing this post and share this story with you! It’s the first article from a long series (I hope) and a project I had in mind for a while…

I started this blog to share with you my love of travelling and discovering new places far and near, but also some of my other passions such as… interior design. Since 2016, I’ve however mainly blogged about my travels, but this is about to change!  For a few months now, I’ve been craving interior design, home decor, interior decoration, in a nutshell more lifestyle topics. And that’s when I got the idea to start a new blog series introducing you each two months or so to a local or international interior designer or craftsman/woman I like.

Kicking-off this series is Swiss-based and super talented Canadian interior designer Sophia Scavone from La Décoratrice & Co.

I met Sophia on a sunny late September afternoon, in a tiny “capite” hidden in the Lavaux vineyards. For her interview, she suggested we meet in this place as it’s one of her first interior design project since arriving in Switzerland.

Picture of tiny white-painted house in the middle of vineyards
Emilie (aka Heidi Goes Travelling): Sophia, tell us a bit more about you? How did you become an interior designer?

Sophia: It’s all thanks to my mum. After high school, in Canada, I started studying psychology but I felt something was missing, I kind of felt this career path wasn’t the one which made sense for me. And this is when my mum reminded me that, as I loved the arts and interior decoration when I was a child I should maybe study interior design. This was a true “aha moment”, I had found my voice!

After graduating in interior design, and getting some initial work experience in Montréal, I left Canada as I got the opportunity to work for high-end French design brand Roche Bobois in Paris. I was one of their two in-house interior designers, working on the openings and transformations of stores worldwide as well as the conception of stands of world reknowned fairs like “The Milano Design Fair”. I loved working for them! It was such a creative environment. However, after three years with them, I decided to move back to my home country Canada, still working for Roche Bobois and also setting up my own interior design company.

A few years later I moved back again to Europe, in Switzerland, for love. I began my second European career by working for another high-end brand ligne roset mainly designing their store in Lausanne. However, I missed being independent and being able to let my creativity go wild, so after a few years working for them and having built up my own network of local artisans and interior decoration shops, I launched my new and own business in June 2017 La Décoratrice & Co.

Emilie: Why the name “La Décoratrice & Co”?

Sophia: Because it fully embodies all of my activities: interior design but also home styling and remodelling. And who knows, also maybe some future activities I may have (but of which I’m not aware of, lol)…

Picture of a small living room including wooden-built furniture, beige & white cushions, framed-pictures hanged on white-painted walls
Emilie: What is your style and how do you work?

Sophia: I’m very spontaneous as a person so basically when I start a new project I have to feel it. Once I’ve a clear picture in my mind of what I’d like to do with a room or even an entire building, I can then start the creative process.

For the capite where we are sitting right now for example, the owner simply told me she wanted to remodel an old family heirloom that had a special meaning, especially for her parents. So I decided to create an atmosphere that would be sort of a tribute to them, while also being a cosy and welcoming cocoon for the new generation.

On a more personal note, I have a very eclectic style, with maybe a flair for ethnic – African or South American – patterns. But on the other hand, I also like more minimalistic interiors like the Scandinavian style. I love mixing up genres as well as brands, i.e. Ikea with Roche Bobois. I also love colours! I always try to add a touch of colour in a space I’m designing.

Close-up picture of wood-trunk covered by a white and taupe throw and white and taupe cushions & a small wooden-built desk on which there is a white vase containing red and white flowersClose-up picture of wineshelf made of chalkboard and small wood containers containing 4 wine bottles
Emilie: What is the thing that you’re the most passionate about in your job?

Sophia: Ooh, I love many things in my job. I love that it allows me to be as creative as I want and this is super important as creativity is essential to me. I also love being an entrepreneur, my own boss. And I also enjoy being directly in touch with my clients, developing a genuine 1to1 relationship with them. In a nutshell, what I love about my job is its broad and diversified nature.

Close-up of small white and green kitchen with a view on vineyardsPicture of small white and green kitchen with light gray door opening on vineyards
Emilie: What are your favourite interior decoration shops here in Switzerland or elsewhere in the world?

Sophia: As I love mixing up I don’t have one specific favourite address or brand but I when I go to “Batiplus” in Puidoux (small town between Lausanne and Vevey) I feel like a kid in a candy store! You have so much choice, furniture wise.

Emilie: Would you have any easy-to-apply interior design tip for us?

Sophia: Maybe two.

Dare to be colourful! Adding only one colourful item to your interior will already liven up a room.

My second piece of advice would be to avoid decorating a space with “love-at-first-sight” pieces as all of them put together might go totally wrong. Rather buy one piece you really love and then create your space around this element, allowing a more harmonised atmosphere.

Close-up picture of tiny white-painted house with light-grey shutters and surrounded by a stone terrace in the middle of vineyards
Thanks Sophia for this lovely moment and for your time!

As for you my sweet readers, I hope you enjoyed this choice of topic as well as this article? I’d love to hear your feedback 🙂


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