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One dreamy accommodation in Graubünden: Brücke 49

Picture of three small houses leaning against a lush green mountain and in front of a river.

What kind of accommodation do you fancy when travelling? If you’re like me leaning towards boutique hotels and planning to explore the Swiss region of Graubünden, I’ve got a dreamy accommodation for you!

#Where did I stay?

Welcome to your dreamy accommodation in Graubünden: Brücke 49 ! I came across this boutique B&B after browsing the web for hours on end. Indeed, I’m very picky when it comes to choosing my accommodations when I travel. As a result, I can testify it’s not an easy task to find decor-worthy boutique hotels in Graubünden! But my oh my was this painful quest worth it!

Picture of the entrance door of a dark grey building

#Why stay in this hotel?

When owners Ruth and Thomas envisioned their luxury B&B, their aim was to create a place that would be a home away from home for their guests. And it’s exactly the feeling I got as soon as I stepped inside the house!

What gives the hotel this cosy, intimate feeling, is not only its size (it has only 4 bedrooms) but also its interior decor. Every single corner is tastefully decorated, with a mix of vintage objects, high-end design pieces, soft fabrics and a white-light grey-charcoal grey colour palette. The whole vibe is very hygge. The owners having lived in Denmark for more than 50 years, may be an explaination…

Picture of a wild game skull hanging on a wall
Picture of small sculptures of the Virgin Mary & Jesus

Mostly filled with white walls and warm wooden floors – that allow all the indoor living spaces to feel very luminous – the soft, simple design is the perfect mountain retreat.

Picture of a light wood staircase

My favourite room was the living room/dining room/open kitchen. In fact, it’s this space that embodies the homey essence of Brücke 49 ! Here you will find the large wooden table where the home-made breakfast is served every morning. There is also a pretty sitting area with a small DIY gin bar. Finally, to complete this dream decor, there is a library corner with a plush velvet sofa where you can comfortably sit to flip through one of the many design books.

Picture of a vintage bar tray with gin bottles and dried flowers on it
Picture of one small grey sofa and two grey chairs and a small coffee table

If you are more of an outdoor person, the B&B also has a delightful alpine garden adjacent to an alfresco living space. As for the bedrooms, they all are elegantly decorated in a very Scandinavian style. In addition, the four rooms all have a view on the quaint village of Vals.

Picture of a hotel room key with a leather key chain
Picture of a bedroom with a large bed and a charcoal grey chest of drawers

My only criticism of this hotel is about beddings. Although I slept in a king-size bed by myself, I only had a small and thin duvet to wrap myself. Luckily it was still kind of warm when I stayed in Brücke 49, but I would advise providing either a thicker duvet or two pieces per guests.

#The perfect mountain retreat

I can only recommend booking your next stay at Brücke 49 ! For me, it’s the perfect combination of Scandinavian lux meets mountain cabin with a splash of state-of-the-art hospitality.

Young blond woman sitting on a grey velvet couch in a small living room

Hence, if you end up staying there, I would love to know your impressions in the comments ! And if you need further recommendations or if you’ve questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch either here on my blog or on my Instagram.



I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. Although this post is sponsored, the views expressed are purely my own. Brücke 49 did not pay me to write about my experience with them.

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