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Pretty Christmas gift idea: Happy Picnic

3 young women around a large rectangular picnic table in a park and decorated with fresh flowers and pretty china
Are you looking for a pretty and original Christmas gift idea? I might have found a very pretty one!

A large rectangular picnic table in a park and decorated with fresh flowers and pretty china
Last summer
, I invited some of my girlfriends to celebrate my birthday. However, I didn’t want the hassle of organising the whole party: food, drink, decor, etc. Plus, I wanted something pretty and unique. That’s when I found out about Happy Picnic.

What is “Happy Picnic”? The basic idea of the concept: bring stylish and elegant picnics to Switzerland. You know, like in the UK where white napkins and fancy glassware picnics are an institution.

picnic table decorated with fresh flowers and pretty china

Jessica and David, who created “Happy Picnic”, offer a turnkey concept. They create the entire decor according to your taste, buy and bring food and beverages and clean up after the party. You only have to pick the date and the location.

A fancy picnic table with on it 4 red and pink pastries with on top of them a birthday sign

Purple Instax mini & photo props on purple and white tray

Plus, there is that little extra making the experience even more special: all the products and fresh flowers are provided by local producers and none of the tableware is made out of plastic!


What about the winter you might ask?! A couple of weeks ago, Jessica and David launched a winter version of Happy Picnic. I haven’t tested it but it sounds quite nice as well.

Instead of taking place in a park, it will take place at yours. But, they will also provide the entire decor, transforming your living room into a gold/white and blush winter wonderland!


It was such a unique experience, like straight out of a fairy-tale. I loved the personalisation of the experience. In fact, prior to my big day, “Happy Picnic” checked my Instagram account to get a feel of what I like: colours, places, ambiances, etc. Therefore, when I arrived on location it felt so “me”. I loved it! Plus, we also had a couple of phone calls ahead of the event, enabling Jessica and David to also personalise food & beverages according to my tastes.

a large rectangular picnic table in a park and decorated with fresh flowers and pretty china

Re the winter version, what I like is the fact you can enjoy the experience throughout the entire night. All the decor, food and beverages are left on location until the next morning. The only flaw of this winter concept is the food. They’ll only serve sweet options, which, if you lean more towards salty food like me, might be restraining.

All in all, the only main downside of this experience is the price: it starts at 450 CHF for two persons, which not everyone can afford.

Fancy birthday picnic table decor lit up by candles


The views and opinions expressed on this post are purely the my own. This isn’t a sponsored post. Happy Picnic did not compensate me to write about my experience with them.

I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. Any advertising space or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.

Please share your thoughts in the comments!


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    09/12/2019 at 13:46

    Hi Heidi, I absolutely loveee this picnic idea! I’m from Bermuda and we just have a small business that does something similar just open this year and it has been a hugely popular trend for small get togethers. Her company is named Eettafel. I just love the uniqueness and intimacy of these set ups, and they are always great instagrammable moments!

    • Reply
      16/12/2019 at 17:02

      Hi Tamara,

      Very instagrammable indeed 😉 Thanks for your nice words 🙂

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