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Summer 2020: exploring two stunning Swiss lakes

Young blond woman jumping on a cliff above a turquoise blue lake
Now that summer 2020 has really kicked in and although Covid19 isn’t done and dusted, we can make travel plans again! In this article, I’m going to take you to two stunning lakes in the Swiss region of the Bernese Oberland.

If you didn’t know it, Switzerland is known as the water castle of Europe as it counts an impressive total of over 1’500 lakes. While I haven’t seen all 1’500 of them, the two mountain lakes I’m going to take you to, are amongst my favourites.

Are you ready?

#1 Oeschinensee

Picture of a deep turquoise blue lake surrounded by high mountains and lush green natureTo reach the Oeschinensee is quite an expedition. If you travel by car, when parked, you’ve to board a mountain gondola which will take you to the Oeschinen mountain station. Once at the top, and after another 30 minutes’ walk, you reach the lake.

I was in awe upon my first glimpse with the Oeschinensee! It’s one of the most stunning nature landscapes I’ve ever seen! Picture a large emerald green lake, surrounded by steep charcoal grey cliffs and a pristine mountain forest. And the serenity…, the only sound you hear is the neighbouring waterfall and the gentle sound of the water. That day’s sunny weather only added additional perfection to our visit and to the scenery!

Picture of a deep turquoise blue lake surrounded by high mountains and lush green natureYoung blond woman sitting on a small blue boat on a turquoise blue lake
Apart from experiencing stunning nature, the Oeschinensee is also the ideal destination if you enjoy the outdoors: hiking, boating, paragliding, there is something for everyone. Nevertheless, in order to avoid a packed place, I’d recommend visiting on Sundays, between 9:30am and 2:00pm, as well as outside bank holidays.

#2 Lauenensee

About two hours away from the Oeschinensee is another breath-taking Swiss mountain lake: the Lauenensee.

Young blond woman sitting on a narrow wood pier on an emerald green lake
As for the Oeschinensee, there are multiple ways to reach the Lauenensee: by car, by bus or by foot. Because the weather was so gorgeous, we opted for our feet.

Your hike starts in the lovely village of Lauenen, noted for its old, well-preserved chalets and 16th-century church. After leaving Lauenen, you follow the trail uphill through several wooded areas to the idyllic Lauenensee.

Young blond woman petting two white/caramel coloured cows standing in a lush green mountain field
When you arrive by this dark green lake, surrounded by alpine moorland and untouched mountain scenery, the one thing that strikes you is silence! I found it to be a very peaceful and uplifting place, which might be explainable by the fact that the Lauenensee is known in the region to be a highly energetic site.

In addition to this idyllic lake, there are also impressive waterfalls and an incomparable view on the majestic Spitzhorn.

Ultimately, the Lauenensee being a nature sanctuary, outdoor activities are scarcer than at the Oeschinensee. However, it’s paradise if you enjoy hiking, swimming or boating.

Picture of a signpost indicating hiking trails planted on a lush green field

So, did I inspire you to explore these two stunning, Swiss lakes during this 2020 summer? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share them in the comments.


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    On a envie d’y aller ! 😊

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      Et je le recommande 😉

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    Magnifique reportage. Comme d’habitude. Merci de partager ces endroits. Le premier je ne connaissait pas du tout.

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      Merci à toi pour ton soutien 🙂 Ces deux lacs sont à découvrir absolument!

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