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Two perfect spots, in Lyon


Façade rose-ocre de la cours intérieure du musée Gadagne à Lyon

Are you like me always looking for the perfect decorative object or the perfect spot to stay at when visiting a place? I found some inspiration during a recent visit to Lyon, France and thought I would share these discoveries with you…

The perfect boutique: Rose

Rose is one of the most adorable little shops I came across. It’s located in the “deuxième arrondissement” of Lyon so quite central and easy to find.

Façade gris souris et signalétique rouge de la boutique Rose à Lyon

When you step in the boutique, it’s like stepping in Lewis’s Carroll novel Alice in Wonderland. Everything is cosy, delicate, and airy, like in a fairy-tale.

Table dans la boutique Rose à Lyon avec dessus un manteau en broccard navy et or et différents petits accessoires de maroquinerie

Rose is your ultimate “Ali Baba’s cave” (the tale, not the online store), full of little gems! At “Rose” you’ll find a wide selection of unique items for women, men and children. Whether looking for a gift for your girlfriends or for the latest upcoming small creator, you go to Rose to treat your  loved ones or just yourself!

Articles de déco chez la boutique Rose à Lyon

Bijoux délicats chez la boutique Rose à Lyon

Dainty jewellery, accessories, bags, all kind of decorative items or children games, there is something for every age, gender and budget! I could have literally bought every single item sold in this boutique! Everything was so perfect and timeless.

4bis rue Jarente, 69002 LYON

The perfect hotel & restautant: MOB Hotel

Is it a hotel ? Is it a pop-up store ? Is it a restaurant ? Wandering along the Saône, in the recent “Confluencedistrict, I bumped into what seemed a hip but average restaurant located in one of the district’s many futuristic buildings: the MOB (the photo below isn’t the MOB’s one but it’s from the building just in front of the hotel and as such gives you a good example of the what the hotel looks like from the outside…) .

Façade futuristique en métal vert pomme de la chaîne Euronews à Lyon

How wrong was I?! MOB is not only a restaurant but it’s also a boutique hotel, a club, a pop-up space and it’s definitely not average! I fell in love on the spot with this place!

MOB Lyon opened in June 2017 and is part of a new hotel chain developed among others by eco-sensitive businessman Cyril Aouizerate and design guru Philippe Starck. It’s a feel good place where you feel out of time.

Spending time at the MOB is like getting an open invitation to unwind! Whether it’s sipping a drink on the terrace, nibbling some delicious bio meals at the restaurant, reading one of the many books available in the library or enjoying some trendy shopping at one of the hotel’s many pop-up spaces. You just let go and chill… There slogan is an invitation in itself: “Peace, love & havin’ fun”!

Décor industriel de la salle à manger du restaurant du MOB hotel à Lyon avec DJ maison aux platines

Décor industriel du bar/salle à manger du restaurant du MOB hotel à Lyon avec cerf doré géant au milieu

And the icing on the cake? Staying at the Mob Hotel isn’t that expensive:  from  99 €/night for a double bedroom. Next time I come to Lyon I’m definitely going to book a room at the MOB!

Chambre à coucher au murs roses du MOB Hotel Lyon avec un grand lit blanc entouré de deux canapé gris

55 Quai Rambaud, 69002 LYON

I love bumping into these kind of places when visiting a town! That’s what makes of each of my trips, even in locations I have alreaby been to, an adventure.

What about you? What do you like about travelling? Let me know by commenting this post.



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