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Want to be amazed? Le Creux du Van – Neuchâtel


Female blogger Heidi Goes Travelling contemplating the Creux du Van

Do you know that feeling you get when you come across something that’s overwhelmingly exciting? Whatever it is, when you find it you are in a state of bliss, you are filled with joy. That’s how I felt when I discovered the Creux du Van, one of Switzerland’s most stunning spots (and let’s face it, this country has many of them!)!

I’ve wanted to see this place for a long time. Last September timing was finally on my side. The sun was shining, the temperatures were still warm and my schedule was empty. So on a sunny Saturday afternoon we headed to the Creux du Van located in the canton of Neuchâtel (another of Switzerland’s 26 cantons) .

360 view of the Creux du Van canyon from the plateau

The 1400 meters high Creux du Van is about 45 minutes/an hour from Lausanne by car. You can reach it either on foot if you’re fairly sporty or – if you’re like me – take the middle road and park your car in front of the restaurant de la Grand-Vy. From there the mountainous wonder is reachable on foot, following a 10 to 15 minutes hike through the woods.

Wood tables on a terrace in front restaurant la Grand Vy composed of a big chalet
It’s hard to describe the feeling you experience when – after climbing from the woods up on top of the plateau overlooking the Creux du Van – the canyon reveals itself right before your eyes. A breathtaking panorama! I mean, WOW!! I could have sat there for hours, with my legs swinging into the open. Simply taking in the magic of the experience…

You can discover the whole canyon – from above – by taking one of the many little pathways along it. These pathways might also take you to one of the métairies or farm restaurants, scattered around the site. There you can enjoy a nice platter of Swiss cheese and traditional dry meat or if you’re really hungry a typical cheese fondue. But be aware these restaurants are closed between October and April/early May as visits are strictly limited during the winter season.

Did you know ? The canyon’s name comes from celtic « van » meaning « rock »

If you wanna visit Switzerland’s own Grand Canyon, the ideal time is from early May to October. There roadways are accessible and the canyon’s surroundings not dangerous.

Hurry up! Access to the Creux du Van will be limited within the next few years, to preserve this registered site.

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