Work with me

Let’s work together!

Are you a boutique hotel/airbnb/guest house owner or an interior decor brand?

Are you looking to boost your social media reach so to attract more of your dream clients? Or maybe you are simply looking to revamp your interior to make it more homey and soulful?

Let’s work together! I’ll help you stage soulful interiors as well as promote your accommodation/brand by creating inspiring online content, so you’ll attract your perfect guest.

Here is how I can add value to your project:

  • Interior Design staging:
    • Stage your interior: Looking to revamp your interior to make it more homey and soulful? Or simply looking to add a wow-factor in order showcase your accommodation to accelerate sale or renting? With a deep rooted passion for interior spaces & a wealth of experience travelling the world one boutique accommodation at a time, I’ve developed a method combining design & marketing skills to help boutique accommodations build their brand and land their perfect clients. By pairing soulful interior staging, Instagram marketing and bespoke photographies, I create digital spaces as layered and textured as physical ones.
    • Creating interior decor mood boards: Clueless about where to start? Following a first chat to discuss your needs and taste, I’ll create interior decor mood boards enabling you to envision what your new interior could look like.
    • Scouting for interior decor items/ideas: Once you agreed on a specific decor mood board or simply to add that one decor item transforming your interior from basic to soulful, I’ll scout and order for you all the items needed, saving you countless time and energy.
  • Social Media strategy & content creation:
    • Promotion on Social Media: By pairing soulful interior staging, online marketing and bespoke photographies, I help you promote your accommodation and your brand on your platforms as well as on mine!
    • Content Creation (writing & photography): Don’t have time to create content for your website and/or social media channels? I’ll provide you with high quality editorial & visual content, in: English, French, Italian and German!
    • SEO blog posts: Wishing to build a rewarding relationship with your audience? A well-managed website is vital to online visibility! I’d love to help you build an avenue of direct communication to your specific target audience by crafting seo-written articles.